This piece was created in collaboration with @richxrdish on instagram, we wanted to portray how fake people act (fake designer, rented car etc) and how they flex it for "social media status" or whatever. 
This is a series of collaborations I created with @cauzart on Instagram. He did the main centre illustrated piece and I created the rest. We based it around some illustrations he had already done in the past, and gave me creative freedom to accent the design with colours, text style, layout etc. Hope you like them! The white backdrop is the original drawing
This was a collaboration I did with @rhyssgod - he did the illustrated parts - main centre peice and the money, I did the png smoke and text, as well as final details.
This is a collaboration I did with @MadeByNolan, this was a piece we had planned for a while and it was originally meant to be one collaboration, but we ended up making it a triplet of designs and having them all flow into each other to create one continuous peice.

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